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Jouer Mermaid Collection Swatches

Jouer Mermaid Collection | I Need This Unicorn


How can companies market things to young women so they just have to have it? Call it Unicorn, Mermaid and Fairy. Guaranteed I will buy it. Put it in holographic packaging, I’m sold. Fortunately for me, these are great products and I’m sad it’s limited edition because I know I’ll use them up.

I bought the creme highlighter Mermaid Glow palette, the Skinny Dip lip topper and lip cremes in Fairy and Unicorn. (I didn’t get the eyeshadow quad, Watermelon, Daiquiri or the body lotion.)

While most of the colors in Jouer’s permanent line are mostly neutrals, these are brights! While I like neutrals, brights obviously are more fun! I tend to go for cool lip colors (it pops against my warm skin tone) so this was the collection for me!

Jouer Mermaid Glow Palette | I Need This Unicorn
Jouer Mermaid Glow Palette


Jouer Mermaid Collection | I Need This Unicorn
Camellia, Tiare, Champagne, Seashell and Crystal.

The first three colors, Camellia, Tiare, Champagne are all part of the permanent collection. If you didn’t already own them, this is a great chance to get them and get two bonus limited edition shades. I like the pink and lavender shades because they go with my new Pat McGrath Skin Fetish pigment in Nude, which is really a pink lavender. I just got these and have only used them twice, but so far I like these better than Pat’s highlighter cream stick.



The creme highlighter palette was a great deal for the price. $110 value for $44. For the price of two, you’re getting five, all full sized. They’re 2 grams or .07 oz. This is the exact same size as the creme highlighters in the permanent collection, so you’re not getting less product!


Jouer Mermaid Collection | I Need This Unicorn
Skinny Dip Lip Topper, Fairy and Unicorn


Jouer Mermaid Collection | I Need This Unicorn
Jouer Mermaid Collection swatches- Skinny Dip, Fairy and Unicorn

Fairy is a ME color. It’s a bright cool pink with a metallic finish. The first time I tried it on, I knew I’d use it often and will probably want a back up.

Unicorn is a matte bright lavender. It’s a close dupe to Lime Crime’s “Rave”, but “Unicorn” has more white.

I’ve swatched them with other liquid lipsticks in my collection. I have cool pinks to lavenders to red violet fuchsia liquid lipsticks on my arm here. There are no exact dupes here. But there’s also a lot I don’t have.

I Need This Unicorn
Jouer Lip Creme “Fairy”, Hot Makeup Kiss Me More Lip Cream “Sugar”, ABH “Bambi”, Jeffree Star “Queen Supreme”, ABH “Unicorn”, Jouer Lip Creme “Unicorn”, Lime Crime “Rave” and Lime Crime “Utopia” (I don’t have ABH Madison, but that might be comparable to Utopia)

Remembering I actually have Too Faced Melted Metallics, I went to compare those with Fairy. Unfortunately, I only have two and they aren’t dupes at all. Peony is obviously warmer, and Bunny is more electric pink. The finish is also different, Too Faced Melted Metallics don’t dry dry. (Which I actually prefer!)

Metallic Comparisons | I Need This Unicorn
Too Faced Melted Metallic Peony and Bunny compared with Jouer’s Fairy. I don’t own any more of the Melted Metallics to swatch, but these two definitely aren’t the same as Fairy.


Jouer Skinny Dip Lip Topper and MAC Lena Crystal Glaze | I Need This Unicorn
Jouer Skinny Dip Lip Topper and MAC Lena Crystal Glaze

Before getting the product, I thought Skinny Dip might be similar to Mac’s Lena Crystal Glaze Gloss from Giambattista Valli. It’s similar in concept in that they are meant to be layered over mattes, but it’s not even close in color or finish. Skinny Dip way more glittery and gold and comes off very glittery on the lips. Lena is much more emollient, but the gloss comes off sheer and you can’t see the iridescence. Jouer’s Skinny Dip is a lot more fun because you can actually see it. While it’s not as moisturizing as a gloss, it feels way better than wearing a liquid lipstick on it’s own. But that’s just me, I hate having dry lips.

(MAC’s Lena was limited edition, unfortunately we won’t be able to get it anymore. But I recommend Sara Happ Lip Slip for a similar emollient balm if you were clammering to get Lena.)


Jouer | I Need This Unicorn
Skinny Dip, Fairy, Unicorn, Citronade Rose, Papaye, Lychee, Petale de Rose, and Cassis


Jouer Lip Cremes | I Need This Unicorn
Skinny Dip, Fairy, Unicorn, Citronade Rose, Papaye, Lychee, Petale de Rose, and Cassis


Jouer Skinny Dip Lip Topper on the Lip Cremes | I Need This Unicorn
Jouer Skinny Dip Lip Topper on the Lip Cremes. (I didn’t let Cassis dry enough and it smudged). Here is a movie of it in action:



I do not know if Jouer will restock the shades that have been sold out, I hope they do because they’re beautiful colors and I hope everyone who wants them will get them! At the time of writing this post, Cult Beauty does have all the lip cremes in stock. They’re located in the UK but will ship worldwide for a reasonable fee. Or they have free worldwide shipping if you spend over £50. Jouer said on their Instagram that Nordstrom, Frends Beauty and Dermstore will have the collection soon. (No date given.) Also they are coming out with a new color, “Orchid”. Uhoh…. looks like another color I would like!

Disclaimer: Everything shown has been purchased by me and my own money. No mythical creatures or any other outside influences have swayed my opinions in any way. The links are not affiliate links.


Jouer Mermaid Collection | I Need This Unicorn