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Jouer Lip Creme Review

Jouer Lip Cremes | I Need This Unicorn
Jouer Lip Cremes | I Need This Unicorn
From top to bottom: Papaye, Citonade Rose, Lychee, Petale De Rose, and Cassis.

This is what happens when I overwhelm myself with too many reviews… they’re in the queue for too long and become old news! My review for Jouer’s Mermaid Collection will be up tomorrow! But I wanted to get my review up for the lip cremes before I released my thoughts on the newer stuff. Fortunately, these are in permanent collection and there is no rush to buy these.

As I mentioned in a previous review. I don’t really like matte liquid lipsticks.  I like the pigmentation and longevity, but I hate how drying they are to my lips. The day after wearing a liquid lipstick, I have to go through a process of exfoliation.

Personally I like the color selection. I think all the bold colors other companies release are great, I tend to buy those first. But it’s nice to also have more wearable colors in our collections. Neutrals, bolds, there’s room for all of them in my life! Not to say there aren’t any bold colors in this collection because there are!

I got two of the metallics and three rosey shades:

Jouer Lip Creme Swatches | I Need This Unicorn
From top to bottom: Papaye, Citonade Rose, Lychee, Petale De Rose, and Cassis.

I loved how the pink shades looked on various other people. While some of them looked very similar, they can lean towards a certain way, depending on the skintone of who is wearing it.

However, the three matte colors I bought look the same on me. Cassis is just a little darker and more purple, but otherwise they look the same on my face and I only needed to buy one. So I do feel like I wasted my money. On other people, they don’t look the same! That drives me crazy! It’s my own complexion betraying me! haha!

The color I do love and would buy again is Citronade Rose. I don’t feel like the metallic colors are as drying as the mattes. I also apply with with balm and maybe even a lipgloss over it just to moisten it up. It hasn’t smeared all over my face, like most liquid lipsticks tend to. (They’re not meant to be paired with emollient balms) So the metallic colors I really like and am considering buying the other two Praline and Pamplemousse.

The mattes were drying on my lips, but it’s like that with every brand’s formula. It’s just the nature of the product. Other reviewers say it isn’t drying, and that may be true for them. You know the state of your skin, and if your skin tends to dry out or not. My lips dry out by touching air, so that’s my situation.

For reasons unknown to me, the metallic shades weren’t as drying. The day after I wear them my lips aren’t peeling and flaking as usual. So that is a huge plus for me! But again, I do apply a balm underneath. So it’s isn’t completely dried to my lips as intended. I’m okay with it not being stuck on my lips all day. I can reapply, and it also makes it easier to remove when I want to eat. (I hate getting lipstick on my burrito!)

Jouer Lip Creme | I Need This Unicorn
Papaye, Citronade Rose, Lychee, Petale de Rose, and Cassis

Lychee and Dulce De Leche look very close, especially on me. Obviously I should have chose one cause I didn’t need two colors that were so similar. (Especially at $18 each!) This isn’t the case for other people because I’ve seen swatches and they definitely look different. It’s just on my face, they all look dark. Am I really that fair? Why does everything look 90’s brownish pink on me?

Jouer Lip Creme | I Need This Unicorn
Citronade Rose and Creme Brulee

Nordstrom sent me Creme Brulee instead of what I ordered (Papaye), I didn’t want to contaminate it, but from what I can see it’s a yellow toned nude. I’m sure it would have looked okay on me, but I prefer cooler toned pinks. I returned it because I didn’t want to to keep and pay for something I didn’t order.

I can see how the metallic shades might seem too much to some. On some people, it might look best to layer them with a flat color underneath and then apply the metallic just to the center of the lips. If you’re curious to use it on your whole mouth, try it and see, it might not even look bad! I’ve been doing that with Citonade Rose, and as far as I’ve seen in the mirror, it’s not too much. However, Papaye is too much when applied on my entire mouth, and looks best when placed in the center of my lips. It might be different with every person, so experiment and see what you like!

With metallic shades, you might need to be careful about going over your natural lip line. I know people love doing that but it’s going to look really obvious when the light shines differently, and it’s way lighter than the rest of your lip. It looks like you smeared frosting on your lips or something. If you have to over draw your lips (you probably look great just the way your lips naturally are!) then I recommend using a lip pencil that is a similar shade to the lipstick and over drawing with that. But stop the metallic liquid lipstick at the natural lipline. I also recommend filling in the corners of your mouth on your lower lip that the lip pencil, but not applying the metallic shade there to avoid the drool look. (Shine on the outer corners of the mouth can betray you like that!)

The scent of the lip cremes smell like vanilla cupcakes! You smell it the most when applying, and it’s very pleasant.

You can buy Jouer on their own website, Nordstrom, FrendsBeauty and Cult Beauty from the UK (they ship worldwide).

New colors have come out for their summer Mermaid Collection, that will be on the next post! With names like “Fairy” and “Unicorn” you know I got them. Even if I do already have a color like Unicorn…. but I need this unicorn.


Disclaimer- I bought everything with my own money, all of my opinions are mine and 100% honest, the links are not affiliate links.