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Being a credible and useful resource is important to me as a blogger.

I, the author of the blog, will always inform the reader if I was paid to write a review, if the product was given to me for free for purposes of a review, of if I was paid to write about the product.

I will never give a false review of a product…ever! I may give first impressions, which may not have an accurate final assessment of the product. But those first impressions will be honest and stated as a first impression.

The majority of the products photographed, hauled and reviewed are all purchased by me, with my own money. All opinions are formed in my own head and written down to be useful to you. But of course my opinions won’t be the same as yours. We all have different tastes, different hair types, different skin types, tones, etc.

While I do not see this happening, who knows, a company might want to actually give me a product for free and give me money to write about it. If I am paid to write a review, it does not mean I am being paid to give a positive review. I will be honest and won’t deceive anyone just because I was given money. In fact, I will turn down offers if I do not believe the product performs. I do not believe in accepting money while give scathing reviews. Nor do I believe in being paid and being dishonest about a product. I will never write a false review! I treat these reviews as if my friends are reading them and I want them to be happy and well informed. I would also like to maintain professional relationships with businesses.

Companies, may however give me a product for free to review, with no monetary compensation. Obviously, I will treat it as if it was something I picked up from a store shelf and paid with my own money. All opinions will be my own and it will be noted on the blog post if the product was sent to me for free from a company.

Affiliate links and advertisements

There will be affiliate links and ads on this website. Blogging is a source of income afterall! It is your choice to click those links or not. It’s okay if you don’t. I’ll never know!


I generally try to use my own photographs and illustrations whenever possible.

I will try to give credit whenever possible to the copyright holder of an image that is not mine. But in the days of Pinterest and Tumblr, it seems to be more difficult to track them down. I will try to avoid using such images if I cannot get permission. But sometimes, you need an image to illustrate a point.

If I post your image, and you want it removed, do send me an email and I will respect your wishes and remove it as soon as I possibly can. Use the contact form above and be specific about which image it is and somehow produce some proof that is belongs to you. I don’t need anything crazy but I don’t want to get emails and it turns it’s just someone messing with me.


Occasionally I will blog about more than just makeup, skincare and hair products. I do have other interests and I know you do too! If you’re not into them, that’s fine, you don’t have to read anything you don’t want to.


I love giving back! I grew up poor with a single mother who had no job due to her disability, but she always gave back and she instilled that in me. I do giveaways out of the goodness of my own heart, the items are purchased by me with my own money unless otherwise stated. If a company provides me with a product to give away, I will be clear about it.

The contest entires may require you to follow me on social media, provide an email address and in the winner’s case, a mailing address. So if you are a minor, I cannot ask you for your address! You have to be 18+ in most cases for a giveaway.

Some products I will not be able to ship overseas. I will try my best to make contests worldwide, but know that some contests may only be open to US residents.

Picking the winner, depends on the contest. But most likely, I will use a generator online to choose a random winner for me. Then I will check to see if that person followed the rules. (No spam entires, followed the appropriate social media when asked.)

Other rules will be stated on this page, but do remember you do need to be a legal age so I can ask for your address and mail you things legally. Some products I will not be able to ship internationally.

Reader Opinions

Comments on my blog are closed due to the general human population being exhausting and I’d rather enjoy my time blogging about rather than try to calm people down from drama and moderate spam. Unfortunately this does discourage forming friendships with readers, which is regrettable. I’ve been on social media for a long time and I’ve learned I have very thin skin and no tolerance for disrespectful comments toward anyone.

We all have opinions, and sometimes they’re different, and that’s okay. Sometimes we share the same opinion, that’s cool too. As long as we can be respectful adults it’s all good. But we all know what’s appropriate and what’s not. We’re all intelligent humans here!


I cannot be liable for any bad reactions you have to a product reviewed by me, as I am not the creator or the seller of the product. We all have different allergies, skin sensitivities, skin types, etc. You will have to make sure to do a patch test before you use any skin care or any product you are unfamiliar with. You definitely don’t want to use an unfamiliar product the day of a big event and end up with a rash!

The reviews I write are based on my own experiences, and those will be different than yours.


I don’t have a professional photography studio, nor do I have a great camera, or lighting situation. But I do try to give the best representation of swatches as I can.

And I only come in one skin tone, I don’t even try to tan. So if my NC15 skin tone bothers you…. that’s a little crazy. I only come in the one color, if I had friends in every skin tone, I’d like to swatch makeup on their arms and photograph them. But it’s a little out of my hands to do that. So you’re just going to see them on my arm, which is pale. It’s just how I look!


I am not a professional makeup artist, nor do I work in the cosmetic industry. I am just a regular person who happens to love makeup and I decided to jump on the beauty blog bandwagon because I wanted to join the community of makeup lovers.

Everything on this site is for informational and entertainment purposes only.