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I Need This Unicorn is a lifestyle brand paired with a beauty and lifestyle blog.

About I Need This Unicorn

How many of you beauty junkies ever proclaimed:
“I need that palette!” or “I need this lipstick!”
I often see comments on a brand or an influencer’s IG page with people tagging their friends telling them, “I need this…” Well, I get it! And why not let the little things bring you joy?
The idea behind my blog is about coveting limited edition or difficult to obtain stuff. It could be something vintage from your childhood that you missed out on. Or if you have to wait a long time for a makeup release, or it’s sold out and you cannot get your hands on it. Something that isn’t available in your country and you’ll go through great lengths to obtain it. Even a particular mount in an MMO video game that requires a lot of work to obtain… it somehow becomes this mythical creature that you somehow need to have. I said, to myself, “I Need This Unicorn” and my brand was born!
About The Blog
Mainly a beauty review and swatch blog, but I also write about food, art, and experiences. My goal is to help other consumers make purchasing decisions by giving them a helpful review and swatches of the latest releases in cosmetics. We’re not rich here, so we have to spend our money wisely!
I write more than just makeup reviews, but anything of interest to me. It is my blog after all!
I purchase everything on my own and do not do paid posts and sponsorships. I don’t receive any free product aka PR from cosmetics brands.
About The Apparel Brand
My life is full of memes.
My collections represent my own personality and interests: a lazy asshole shopping addicted makeup junkie who eats too much and plays video games and can never get a text back.… and sometimes there’s unicorns. Basically I have problems, but I like to laugh about it. Maybe you do too. And yes, that is a gross exaggeration, but you already got that. 😉
The great thing is, my products are not limited edition!
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About Jessica

I’m Jessica! I’m an illustrator and stationery designer from the San Francisco Bay Area.I’ve been blogging on and off since 2001. I’ve always been creating some sort of art: drawing, painting, music, and makeup artistry. (Though I am not a professional makeup artist.) You’ll learn more about me on Pinterest than you will ever on Facebook.
Small facts:
• Born in San Francisco, Grew up in Oakland
• BFA Illustration at the Academy of Art
• I’m mixed/ multi-racial. Try to guess, you’ll never guess them all!
• I used to teach children
• Am a dog person
• Played the violin
• Mains a mage, alts a warlock in WoW
• Loves event styling and considered it as a career
• Stars are my favorite motif
• Pizza is my weakness, unless it has vegetables. Then forget it!
• Attends as many music festivals as my wallet allows
• Loves muscle cars. Has owned a Mustang and a Challenger.