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What kind of camera do you use?

iPhone. Depending on the year the photo was posted, the model may be different.

What is your skintone?

All of my swatches are on my fair olive-toned skin, so they will probably look different on anyone with darker skin or a pinker toned skin. If I could, I would swatch on every skintone.

Do you sell these?
Nope, I’m not a reseller. I buy the stuff I review for myself.

What do you do with your old makeup?
I keep them.

Where can I buy (name product here)?
I make sure to link to the websites to buy the products from. If it has been years since the launch, it is likely to be discontinued. But you can try Googling it to find it on eBay, Glambot, Poshmark, and Mercari.

Why don’t you have sponsored posts or anything sent via PR?
No one has offered.
I am not against PR, but I would be very picky about sponsored content. It would have to really be something I believe in and I would need control over what I say and how my image and brand is used.

What is your job?
I am a freelance illustrator that also takes design jobs when they come to me. I also have an online store where I have my stuff printed on t-shirts, makeup bags. etc. I am working toward making everything handmade by me instead of using an outside manufacturer. I consider blogging my job too, but it’s not. it’s just a really expensive hobby. Real bloggers get paid somehow…



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