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MAC Star Trek- First Look!


MAC Star Trek Collection | I Need This UnicornFirst Look at the MAC Star Trek Collection!

I just got this in today! This is the collection I have been waiting for! This is my ultimate unicorn!

In case you missed it, I’m a huge Trekkie, or a Next Generation Trekkie. They’re the crew that I essentially grew up with and watched countless times.

This is just a first look at the products which come out in stores Thursday, September 1st in the US. They are currently online for purchase at maccosmetics.com

I got mostly everything except for the brushes. As far as I could see they were just standard black brushes. I didn’t see any special Starfleet Insignia on the handles. But in one Instagram photo, I saw a display with a silver handled brush. I don’t know if that was in a different country or if it was staged or what.

I’m not done photographing the products yet to swatch, so that post will be up later! But looking at swatches from other blogs, it’s not the most pigmented or exciting collection as far as the lip products. They could definitely be less sheer. Kling-It-On would look really cool if it were fully opaque. I will add color descriptions after I’ve actually swatches them because some of them will look different in the pan than on the skin. The swatch and review post will be up after Thursday, when I go to the MAC Pro Store to check out the displays in person. Maybe ask to have them just to get denied.


Light Fantastic Powder

MAC Star Trek | I Need This Unicorn


MAC Star Trek Strange New Worlds | I Need This Unicorn
Strange New Worlds


MAC Star Trek Highly Illogical | I Need This Unicorn
Highly Illogical


MAC Star Trek Luna Luster | I Need This Unicorn
Luna Luster

Bloomingdales.com had the Light Fantastic Powders up a week early. I’m not sure if that was a mistake, but I took advantage anyway! I found out by checking the #macstartrek tag on Instagram and saw that it was up.

The Light Fantastic powders are unique to this collection. They’re not Mineralize, nor do I think they are baked. They’re definitely not domed. Depending on your skin tone, they can be used as a highlighter or a bronzer.

Pressed Pigments

Even though I don’t wear blue or green eyeshadows, I got it cause…. Star Trek.

MAC Star Trek | I Need This Unicorn
Midnight Pressed Pigment

Midnight, a less creative name because it’s not really Star Trek based. It’s blue based. Unless they’re going with the Star Trek Online game, which yes, I Googled. It’s always dark and starry… cause it’s space.

MAC Star Trek | I Need This Unicorn
Bird of Prey Pressed Pigment

Bird of Prey, named after the green Klingon ships.

This photo is kind of funny because it looks exactly like the black textured background, but I swear to you, it’s dark olive green!

MAC Star Trek | I Need This Unicorn
To Boldly Go Pressed Pigment

To Boldly Go, we all know where this line is from! I think we can all appreciate that Captan Picard says “Where No One Has Gone Before” instead of “No Man”. They meant general mankind, but Star Trek is progressive and TNG was ahead of it’s time. They touched on various subjects like gender, poverty, the rights of androids and this was in the late 80’s, early 90’s! However, I think we all have gone copper, it’s not that bold, but I’ll wear it a lot.


MAC Star Trek | I Need This Unicorn
The Naked Time Pressed Pigment

The Naked Time refers to a TOS episode . Have you seen the meme of a shirtless Sulu fencing? That’s the episode.


Superslick Liquid Liners

MAC Star Trek Superslick Liquid Liners | I Need This Unicorn
Superslick Liquid Liners in Pure Show, Nocturnal and On The Hunt.

I’ve actually tried the liners. They’re not my favorite.  They feel stiff and feels funny on my eye. They’re also not foolproof. It’s so easy to mess up because it’s so liquidy and maybe it’s the shape of the brush too. Hours after applying I can still feel it on my lids. I prefer Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner. I just hope the insignia doesn’t rub off. They come in colors I’d definitely wear, I have and wear black, gold and silver. So I approve of the color choices. BUT all three of these colors are permanent, and you will be paying $1 more for the special packaging. I would skip them if I were to recommend this to the average consumer. But if you’re collecting these because they’re Star Trek based, who am I to say to skip them?

False Lashes

MAC Star Trek | I Need This Unicorn
These don’t have a specific number, they’re just Star Trek Lashes

They’re flared, they’re blue, I’ll try and wear them out! Why not?



Mac Star Trek Lipsticks | I Need This Unicorn
Mac Star Trek lipsticks in Where No Man Has Gone Before, LLAP, The Enemy Within, and Kling-It-On.

I will write my commentary on the names for the lip products on the swatch post!


Lip Glasses

MAC Star Trek Lip Glasses | I Need This Unicorn
Lip Glasses in KHAAANNNN!, Pleasure Planet, Warp Speed Ahead, and Set To Stun.

I hear people asking, “Did you say lip glass?” Yes Lip Glass, that’s what they’re called. Don’t question me!


Studio Nail Lacquers

MAC Star Trek Nail Lacquers in Holladeck, Enterprise, and Skin of Evil | I Need This Unicorn
MAC Star Trek Studio Nail Lacquers in Holladeck, Enterprise, and Skin of Evil

These will will apply tomorrow and post on Instagram how they are. I assume the metallics will take 2 coats and the glitter 3 coats to get as opaque and glitter dense as I like it. I will confirm on IG. While silver and gold aren’t unique, it’s still very appropriate to the Star Trek franchise.

Holladeck– Fun play on words. The holodeck was the setting for quite a few TNG episodes! A fun excuse to dress them up in tights or as Sherlock Holmes. Watch that Moriarty though!

Enterprise– If you didn’t know… just know. Please. I’ll nerd rage.

Skin of Evil-  Named after the episode in TNG Season 1, where Tasha Yar dies. Is that a spolier? It was on in 1988. The alien who kills her is actually a shiny black tar covered being, and not green with glittery green texture. Like Gorn, the alien who Kirk gets into a fist fight with. Maybe they should have named it “Gorn”, or “Hilariously Bad Fight Scene” Did you see the video? Look at how fantastic his eyes are!


If you can’t get enough of this collection, I highly recommend that you check out a few MAC Pro Artists on Instagram.

Ashley Rudder actually got to do makeup on Denise Crosby, Marina Sirtis and Nichelle Nichols! What an amazing opportuity! I would have cried. Marina would probably have to console me which would make me cry more.

Dominic MUA  has got great product shots and I wished I thought of making them into the Insignia first! So clever!


Remember they’re in stores this Thursday, September 1st! They’re also online right now and they’re not sold out. So that means I stayed up ALL NIGHT till 4:35 am when they launched for nothing.

My posts have been lacking, I got a new phone which takes larger photos, and my laptop actually ran out of room. I’ve backed it up in 2 different places, but it pains me to delete everything cause you never know what will fail! Warcraft’s new expansion, Legion is coming out at midnight. So you might never hear from me again.

Disclaimer: This entire collection was purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own and my positivity reflects on the Star Trek franchise, but does not affect my opinions on how the colors perform. Which I do not know at the time of writing this because I have not yet touched them.