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Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Palette

ABH Moonchild | I Need This Unicorn

Frosted Lucky Charms, they’re magically delicious!


ABH Moonchild | I Need This Unicorn
Indoor, outdoor shade and outdoor sunlight

With the rainbow highlighter craze, I’m glad ABH came out with this palette because you can make your own rainbow with these colors! And these seem to be more readily available, meaning it didn’t sell out in 2 minutes!

If you were looking to get the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish and couldn’t or didn’t want to pay $72, you are in luck because there are dupes in here! They’re not exact, but good enough! And sorry I neglected to post my review for the Skin Fetish, basically I only liked the powder pigment and wish I didn’t pay $72, plus tax.

Pink Heart is close to the Nude pigment. Which is an ethereal pink. Pink heart is lighter and has less of a pink sheen, it also has white glitter.

Lucky Clover may be close to the Golden pigment. I don’t own it to compare but what I got from swatches is that is was a yellowy gold. From the swatches I can see online, the Golden pigment seems to have a yellow/blue duochrome, where Lucky Clover seems to be a greenish yellow gold. (No blue duo chrome.) But yellow and blue make green, so close enough!

So the dupes may not be exact, but it’s a highlighter, no one can really tell the difference.

I’m glad they went with a different format than their usual Glow Palettes, they were able to add two additional colors, and that is more fun! The fact that they are smaller aren’t bothersome because it’s not like we are all going to get through the pans. Whisper of Gilt… Opal… yes. But not specialty colors. Unless someone wants to prove me wrong!

I used to not even touch highlighters that weren’t white or light gold but here I am, using pink and purple, and now blue highlighters. I am really loving these, you can look like an ethereal fairy or a mermaid if you want! If you aren’t sure what look you want to create, just go nuts, it’s supposed to be fun! Otherwise, you can always use them as eyeshadows.

The names to me sound like the Lucky Charms marshmallows, minus Red Balloon. Well, now I regret not buying a box, and using the cereal as the background.



Disclaimer: Yeah I wish it was given to me or I was paid, but no. This palette was purchased and paid for by me with my own money.