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About I Need This Unicorn

I Need This Unicorn is a lifestyle brand paired with a beauty and lifestyle blog.

How many of you beauty junkies ever proclaimed:
“I need that palette!” or  “I need this lipstick!”
I Need This Unicorn
is about coveting limited edition or difficult to obtain stuff. If you have to wait a long time for it’s release, or somehow cannot get your hands on it… it somehow becomes this mythical creature that you somehow need to have. This even goes for a mount in your favorite MMO. I said, to myself, “I Need This Unicorn” and my brand was born!

I Need This Unicorn isn’t just focused on beauty, but really lifestyle. Cause we are interested in much more than cosmetics!


About Jess

Hi! I’m Jessica! I’m an illustrator and stationery designer from the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2001. I’ve always been creating some sort of art: drawing, painting, music, and my current favorite: makeup artistry. (Though I am not a professional makeup artist.)  You’ll learn more about me on Pinterest than you will ever on Facebook.


Jess Wes I Need This UnicornJess Wes

Jess Wes I Need This Unicorn Jess Wes I Need This Unicorn