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Too Faced Glitter Bomb

Too Faced Glitter Bomb | I Need This Unicorn

Too Faced Glitter Bomb | I Need This Unicorn

Too Faced sure loves teasers. How long ago did we see this palette pop up on Instagram? Even though I declared my no-buy, I made sure that I picked this one up because…. purple.

This got a lot of negative comments before it released due to it being not being pure glitter. I think this formula is similar to Urban Decay’s Moondust, Mac’s Dazzle Shadow and Nars Hardwired. Personally, I’m not bothered, though I also thought it would be wall-to-wall glitter. I still think it’s fun. And I like the shadows from the other brands.

I went to Sephora’s Rouge Fall Preview Event, unfortunately by the time I got to the store, it sold out! I could have slept in that Saturday morning. I was not a happy camper. So online it was…

When I first saw this palette I thought: “it’s full of purples!” I love purples, so it was a must-get.
However, the colors looks better in the palette than swatched on my arm. They look pretty muted swatched. I can only spot one obvious purple on my arm (Hot Damn!) And it’s not as vibrant as I thought it would be.
Rosé All Day, Work It and Oh, It’s Ohh appear a lot warmer than they look in the pan. I didn’t expect Glitter Goals to look so…. gray. And I just expected Hot Damn! And Splash to look a lot more vibrant. These aren’t terrible, but I expected the colors to turn out different. So you definitely need swatches to determine if you want this! Would I have purchased this if I was able to swatch it and buy it at Sephora that morning? I don’t know if I would have.

Too Faced Glitter Bomb | I Need This Unicorn

To get the vibrancy you want, you would have to layer it over another shadow that has the desired color. Here I put Hot Damn! over a bright purple.

Too Faced Glitter Bomb | I Need This Unicorn
Hot Damn! over a vibrant purple from the Morphe 35P palette. Then swatched individually.

The Brightening Base (white underbase) didn’t do much for my pale ass skin tone, but it would probably appear differently for you.

Too Faced Glitter Bomb | I Need This Unicorn


On me, the Intensifying Base (black underbase) showed the colors closer to what I expected from seeing the pans. In fact, they look way better! These would make for great smoky eyes. I had to go over them three time to get the pigmentation on the arm watches. It sure did get black pigment all over my glitter shadows!

Too Faced Glitter Bomb | I Need This Unicorn


So did this bomb? Well, they’re not bad eye shadows. But to me, they do not appear as they do in the pan. I know other customers wanted pure wall-to-wall glitter. And that was what I expected months ago when the photo first came out. The packaging even more glittery and more vibrant than the shadows. In fact the packaging is actually really cool, the glitter inside the letters are loose and move around inside.

I wouldn’t return it, I still like glittery shadows and the Intensifying Base kind of saves it. I just got this, so I haven’t had the chance to actually wear it. Maybe I will like it better on my eyes, than on my arm.

This palette releases on June 15th. I hope my swatches help those of you who were thinking of purchasing this. I will definitely be looking at the Hangover Spray and the UNICORN TEARS Melted Liquid Latex… and a pink one.

Disclaimer: I purchased this palette from Sephora. All of my opinions aren’t thought of by someone else. Got my own brain here. Def not sponsored.