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Unless otherwise noted, I am the legal copyright holder of the the material on this blog and others cannot use or publish without my written consent.

In this world of sharing pictures on Pinterest I cannot control the reposting of my images. Original artwork, original photographs will likely have a watermark of my website to protect my property… or at least help the viewer find the original source in case they wanted more information. Cropping out my website name or otherwise manipulating my original photos is a violation.

Hold Harmless

All information provided on this blog is provided for information and entertainment purposes.

I am not provding medical, legal or other professional advice.

Any tips and tricks I offer, especially ones pertaining to skincare, must be read as a friend giving another friend some tips. I am not a doctor, a dermatologist, or a liscenced esthetician. Be sure to test products new to you, on a patch of skin before covering your entire face! If your eye brows turn out crazy after reading one of my blog posts, I cannot be held responsible, I didn’t tell you to wax your brows.

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I reserve the right to change the focus of this blog, shut it down, or sell it to change the terms of use at my own discretion.

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