Unicorn Frappucino

I Need This Unicorn Frappucino

I wouldn’t be a good blogger if I didn’t write about the Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino. I’ve written about the Ghost Bustin Burger, the Mc Donalds Crab Sandwich, but this one actually goes with the theme of my site!

I’m not a coffee person. I know, I know, there are people who believe coffee is life. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had more than a sip. Not knowing what was in a frappucino, I assumed it was a fruit flavored coffee drink. Well thank goodness it’s not because that would be revolting! I mean, I don’t like coffee itself anyway. So my opinion on that differs than the majority of America.

The ingredients are ice, milk, custom syrups and colored sugary powders. The Starbucks website lists it in more detail.
Basically it’s loaded with sugar! That’s fine. I’m not afraid of sugar! There is a trace of coffeeness with the Blue Drizzle which has White Chocolate Mocha Sauce. It’s not enough coffee to gross me out.

The media, it certainly spins it in such a crazy way. We all know what they mean “color changing and flavor changing” and we know it’s not magic, but layering.

Anyway, I get the watered down milky flavor mixed with fruit flavor… and then at the bottom, once you get to the powder covered foam you get a sour lemony hit. I loved that. But I’m a fan of sour candy. I will need to get another drink to accurately assess what I am tasting. Maybe I will do an update later and take some better pictures.

Is it the most amazing drink ever? It’s not the most amazing, but if I were to find myself at a Starbucks, I’d want to get this. It’s cold, it’s fruity, it’s sweet and then sour. Like the opposite of a Sour Patch kid.

The Unicorn Frappucino will only last for 5 days. So Sunday April 23rd may be our last day. But who knows, if it’s that popular maybe Starbucks will make it permanent. Maybe they’ll find other uses for the sour powder.

And yes, I will be getting this again before the promotion ends. I need to order a bigger size. I don’t know Starbucks lingo and I refuse to use it. Just give me the big one instead of the small one.

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I Need This Unicorn Frappucino

This picture is blurry. I definitely need to go back and take a new one.

I Need This Unicorn Frappucino


Update on April 24th:

Well, I couldn’t get the Unicorn Frappucino again because it pretty much sold out at every Starbucks I could get myself to by the second day! I looked until Sunday.

And I don’t care if Bourdain thinks this is what’s wrong with America. That’s fine, he’s always complaining. So am I. But I don’t care. Or the employee whose quote may or may not have been blown out of proportion by the media. I have no sympathy for them because people have worse jobs than making sticky drinks. And I also don’t care if it has as much sugar as 3 Snickers bars. Yeah, it’s full of sugar, no fucking shit. I also just ate 4 Krispy Kremes.

Sad, I wasn’t able to develop Type 2 diabetes over the course of 5 days, I have looked for DIY tutorials. I have seen many offensively disgusting ones that are labeled as healthy or vegan. I’m not interested. Go ahead and consume what you like. I came for an actual sugar filled drink. And EmmyMadeinJapan had delivered. Thank you, Emmy. THIS is what I was looking for! I will be trying this out when I gather all the ingredients.


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