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I signed up for Influenster just before the holidays and received my first box in December. I was actually surprised I was eligible so quickly! I am not required to post a blog review on my website, but I felt like it would be good to do so anyway. I do have a makeup product reviewed that may be helpful to people with a similar lash type to mine.

You can also sign up to Influenster and get items to review for free! The catch is, you must actually do your reviews, complete activities and fill out a survey by the deadline!

Oreo Thins

What can I say about Oreo thins? I wish they were regular Oreos. I mean, they’re great if you’re trying to diet and need a cheat snack. But there’s something about an actual full sized Oreo that is so much more satisfying.

The good thing is, it still tastes exactly like an Oreo. It’s not lighter on taste. It’s just thinner and with less cream. It’s not bad, but I would rather go big.


Hyaluronic Acid is something I use regularly to keep my skin hydrated. I have a couple of serums, and even eat a daily chew with hyaluronic acid. For a time, I had liquid supplements to put in smoothies. So I was glad to see that this body lotion contained that ingredient because I definitely believe in it.

It feels very silky and was easy to blend in. There was no excess rubbing and it didn’t get all thick an white and hard to blend. I like my lotion to adsorb quickly so I can put on my clothes and not wait for it to stop being tacky. I hate it when it sticks to my clothes!

It’s mostly unscented. It does say “fragrance free” on the bottle, meaning they didn’t add any fragrance. Fragrance free is generally better for your skin as fragrances can be irritating. But with that said, I do enjoy scented lotions since my skin isn’t sensitive anyway. People that have sensitive skin should look into this lotion. It does have that basic lotion smell. I’m sure it’s just the ingredients that typically smell that way.

It contains cetearyl alcohol, which may alarm people. But it shouldn’t. I did some reading and cetearyl alcohol is not supposed to be drying, and instead conditions and softens the skin. It’s supposed to be an emulsifier that keeps the oil and water from separating. I haven’t exactly had any issues with lotion dying out my skin!

If I can find this in store, I will be redeeming my coupon.

Hills Bros Hot Cocoa

I don’t have a machine to use this with, so I was going to open it and try to mix it with water. But it got given away on Christmas.

Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets Parchment Paper

I really like the idea of using this especially if making several batches so I wouldn’t have to wash the baking sheet as often and I wouldn’t have to handle a HOT baking sheet. Just take the baking sheet off. Done.

I appreciate that it is pre-cut because I ALWAYS have issues with the rolls. The edge isn’t sharp enough to cut it and the entire roll unravels on the floor. I won’t need to buy a roll again!


Since this scent is for men, I gave this away. I did not have any crazy reactions like in the commercials. He commented it was heavily fragranced but was a fine body wash.

Cover Girl So Lashy! Blast Pro

I can’t use regular mascara. I’m part asian, we have straight lashes. When we curl them and put regular mascara on our lashes, it falls back to straight immediately. I have to use a waterproof formula that is dry, that’s the only thing that will work on my lashes.

I was skeptical of the brush. I usually don’t like big fancy brushes or plastic brushes. The big brushes are too big for my eyes and I end up messing up and getting mascaras blobs on my skin. And then there’s the plastic which is just pokey. And when it does poke me, I shut my eyes really hard and guess what there’s mascara all over my under eye area.

So knowing that regular, non-waterproof. I used a waterproof mascara that was thin and only served to define my lashes, so it shouldn’t effect the results of the So Lashy mascara.

Applying the So Lashy, I did the the tip of the brush which was a spikey ball. It worked well to get the teeny tiny lashes at the corners of my eyes. As I was applying, I noticed that it was volumizing. But then, the curl started to fall and my lashes were straight again.

And at the end of the day, I had mascara smears on my under eyes. Cause it’s not waterproof, therefore, not smudge-proof, and my lashes were straight and closer to my under eyes. I can’t use non-waterproof man.

If there is a waterproof version, I would still be skeptical because in the past the CoverGirl Waterproof mascaras didn’t work for me and left my lashes straight. However, their 24 hour formulas (not marked as waterproof) DID work. But I still don’t like big plastic wands. I get globs all over my eyes and I mess up my makeup trying to clean it up.

The box shows an infographic that states it’s for all types of lashes, including straight. Well yes, you can use it on straight lashes. You won’t be able to tell if you have more lashes because you can barely see them. Unless you have the type of lashes that will droop right into your eye. But they’ll be coated for sure.

On another note, I approve of their ad campaign for So Lashy!

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak

I’m a daily washer. I know people don’t believe in that. But I don’t believe in not washing my hair and using dry shampoo instead. I will, however, use it for a volume boost. But rarely do because I hate the feeling and gritty texture of dry shampoo. And my hair is dark, and a lot of them will give it a white cast and make my hair not look shiny.

I sprayed this on the roots my just washed and dried hair. It felt very cool, which could be nice on a hot summer day. It doesn’t feel gritty and doesn’t have an offensive scent.

It is giving my hair volume at the root and I appreciate that. My hair is dark and there isn’t a white residue.

Clean Freak may be a winner! Imma still wash my hair though.

Country Crock

I need to go to the store to redeem my coupon for a free one



Disclaimer: This box was sent to me for free to review by Influenster. My opinions are my own.

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