Kandee Johnson for Sinful Colors

Kandee Johnson for Sinful Colors | I Need This Unicorn

I’ve been watching Kandee Johnson since 2009 when I really started getting into watching makeup tutorials. She’s been such a positive and inspirational figure to many in the beauty community. I HAD to support her! And I like the colors, and they’re $2-3 so why not?

The Sinful website has a store locator to where the Kandee collection is stocked, and I ended up going to two. Hitting the jackpot at Walgreens! The store had them all stocked and they were at the cheaper $1.99 price tag. They also had a sale on other Sinful colors for 99 cents, so I bought a bunch.

Kandee Johnson for Sinful Colors | I Need This Unicorn

Kandee Johnson for Sinful Colors | I Need This Unicorn

Whipped Frosting, Strawberry Milk, Pink Up Pink, Pink Velvet, Mint Chip and Candy Hearts.

The finish is matte and look like easter eggs! There is a gold pearl in the formula to make them appear more dimensional. I think it’s pretty and wouldn’t mind if it actually showed more on the nails. Obviously you can use a top coat to make them shiny if you don’t prefer the matte finish. Kanfetti, the glitter, will also make the finish shiny. If you want it back to matte, there are various matte top coats you can use. The display also includes a clear top coat, so you can easily opt for that. I didn’t pick it up because it’s just a clear top coat. I like using Seche Vite for fast drying and Essie No Chips Ahead for the strength.

I think it’s super cute that she named them after sweets because hello, her name is Kandee! And even sweeter that she named the Tiffany Blue one after her sister Tiffany and her favorite ice cream!

This isn’t going to be a review because I have not worn these on my actual nails. So I cannot say if it really is a one-coater, comment on their longevity or if they stain. But these swatches on the plastic nail wheel are one coat each! The confetti polish over the colors are also one coat. I am pretty impressed that this polish only costs $2 and is opaque in 1 coat! The only one that might need another coat is the Whipped Frosting and if you like your glitter more condensed, probably Kanfetti.

There are more colors that Kandee showed us in her video. There are two more velvet texture colors (mint and pink), a red and a black. They weren’t on the display and I didn’t find too much information about them except in her video and on this page, Model City Polish. They also show us a preview of Kandee’s new Anime collection coming out in February. That collection looks like a lot of fun and I look forward to picking those up!

Great job Kandee!

Kandee Johnson for Sinful Colors | I Need This Unicorn

Kandee Johnson for Sinful Colors | I Need This Unicorn

Searched for a long time at my local Kmart, and the display had been picked over. My second stop, at Walgreens, was a success!


The rest of my Sinful haul. I also picked up lashes that I will post of my Instagram.

Sinful Colors haul | I Need This Unicorn

The Kandee for Sinful Colors collection on the top row. Bottom row, the colors not in her collection: Cinderella, Denim & Bling, Lie-lac, Tempest, Dream On and Let Me Go,

Disclaimer: Since I went to store searching for them, I bought these myself with my own money. My opinions are my own.

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