Mac Pink Lipsticks

Mac Pink Lipsticks | I Need This Unicorn

It looks like I’m jumping on the bandwagon, but I’ve actually been thinking about this for weeks!


MAC Pink Lipsticks | I Need This Unicorn

Do you know how scary the envitable dominos were?

It’s time for spring and summer pinks! Actually I wear it year round. I’m rebelling from the browns that are so popular now that I wore to death in high school and college. I don’t want to look washed out anymore, I already did that! I wore Verve in high school and Strength in college. Yes, just one lipstick. I couldn’t be so excessive back then.

I don’t have every single pink MAC has ever made. There are obvious ones from the permanent collection that I don’t have: Girl About Town, Show Orchid, Bombshell, Chatterbox…

And there are some limited edition ones I regret not getting like Viva Glam Gaga and Pink Friday. I thought Viva Glam Gaga would be permanent! Oh well, at least I have the gloss…

Some of these lipsticks I swatched aren’t pink at all, but they were close enough to include them in the various color families. I have a small collection of nudes and browns and a few oranges, but chose not to include them all. Some are in here because they were close enough to the corals to compare. But yeah obviously, Royal Ball isn’t pink. But was good enough to be next to Catty, which was good to compare with Long Legged & Fabulous. And Aristo-Cat… not even close to pink. But it was purple and should have been next to Goddess of the Sea.

I only included lipstick formulas. No glosses or liquid lipsticks. I did include patent pencils, huggables and sheen supremes.

Many of these were limited edition and you can’t get them anymore. But like in MAC’s new collection, Blue Nectar, they’re bringing back old limited products! Maybe they’ll bring something you like back! My two favroites are actually limited and I don’t have backups.

My favorites are Raspberry Swirl and Pinkfringe. My favorite formulas tend to be cremesheens and amplified. And least favorite are the lustres only because the color payoff is usually disappointing. I took these photos in different lights so you can see the various textures better.

These aren’t ordered perfectly. But I have tried to order these by value and color family. Value meaning light to dark, not money! Very light to bright to dark. Cool to warm. I’ve included purple shades because some of the colors are a pinky purple, and might as well include the dark purples while I’m at it.

Lisa Eldridge made an informative video and blog post about pinks, so be sure to check them out if you’re looking to add more to your collection.
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Mac Lipsticks | I Need This Unicorn

Organizing all of the lipsticks


Mac Pink Lipsticks | I Need This Unicorn

Class photo. Can you spot me? Of course you can’t! I’m not a makeup product.


If you are concerned with MAC and animal testing, this statement from MAC may be of interest to you.

Disclaimer: Regretfully, this post is not sponsored. I bought every single lipstick with my own money over the course of many years. This is why I am broke.
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