MAC Star Trek

MAC Star Trek

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March 29th, being Marina Sirtis’ birthday, it was the perfect day to announce Mac x Star Trek. Mac is releasing Star Trek collection in time for it’s 50th Anniversary on August 25th online and September 1st in stores.

There will be 25 pieces to this collection, and they will have special edition packaging which makes it more attractive for me! They are printed with the insignia of the 2270s (The Original Series) with “50” to mark the anniversary.

Personally, I think it would have been awesome to make it a round version of the communicator badge like in TNG, or even the Enterprise D (OOOOOH I would have died of joy!) but then we couldn’t see the product inside. But then again some of their products like the bronzers and beauty powders don’t have clear lids. We’ve only seen five products so far, so who knows what they have in store for us?

Like The Simpsons collection, this collection will have an early release on July 21st during Comic Con. If you’re not going to be near San Diego, don’t worry because it will release at a later date! In fact it will be helpful to those of us who can’t get it so we can see swatches and reviews before we buy them. But let’s be honest, I’m saving my money to buy the entire thing.

If it’s anything like the Simpsons collection, the makeup will be sold at the Mac store in San Diego, not inside Comic Con. So you might not need tickets to Comic Con to get the pre-release, but instead head on over to the Mac store at Gaslamp- 234 Fifth Ave in San Diego. As of March 29th, I cannot confirm this information. I am judging based on The Simpsons collection pre-release.

I am a massive fan of The Next Generation. I’ve watched every episode countless times. I watched a bit of DS9, Voyager and of course TOS and the movies. I’ve never seen Enterprise. But TNG, that’s it right there. Favorite show of all time. (That and Buffy.) However, I cannot stand the JJ Abrams Monstrosity.  They’re not bad movies, I just can’t stand their existence. I don’t even consider it to be a part of the franchise, as if it was a fan movie. I would fucking riot if they ever considered doing a reboot of The Next Generation. Don’t touch it Hollywood. You’ll RUIN it.

I just love the promo image, it’s an illustration! A vector illustration! As an illustrator who specializes in vectors, this tugs at my heart! I’d really love to know who the artist is, so I can see their rest of their work and give them credit!

From what I’ve read it looks like the collection will be based on the four characters depicted. Seven of Nine (Voyager), Deanna Troi (TNG), Uhura (TOS) and Vina from (TOS) or she may be an unspecific Orion slave girl.

I’d like to see products that represent every one of the characters, but this is how it is. But I’d like to see an orange-red eyeshadow or lipstick for Beverly Crusher, (or even a teal fluidine to represent her uniform!) I’d like to even see a brown eyeliner for Jadzia Dax. When I was a kid, I went to a “makeup party”. I made myself up to look like Jadzia Dax. Yes, I drew spots on my temples. Of course everyone thought I was weird. But I wanted to be Dax.

I even think they should release brow products in honor of Spock:


Credit: icaint_standwoo


The Original Series gets represented with two characters, and one is a guest star (and human!) But the green girls are iconic enough and it adds color… GREEN!  Sorry Deep Space Nine, I would have included you. How could I not have that “old man” Dax?

So what colors do you think they’ll have? We obviously have metallic gold (I’m sure for Seven of Nine) and greens for the Orion girls. I wonder if the copper lipstick is for Uhura? She wore peachy nudes and frosty colors may have worked in the 60’s. I predict Troi will have purple shadows and berry lipcolors, and definitely a strong blush. And am guessing Uhura will have red to represent her uniform. I think eyeliner and lashes will be appropriate for her too. But that’s just my speculation!

But seriously, a burnt orange blush and rusty red matte lipstick for Kira Nerys, a matte brown lipstick for B’Elanna cause that’s what she wore, pinky peach blush for Kes, a tribble powder puff…. they should have totally hired me for this.

MAC Cosmetics, if you are listening, I would be the perfect blogger to review the entire collection in advance! I know I only have 2 readers at the moment, but I’m still perfect for it! I know Star Trek, I’ll get the names. You know you need a trekkie who will understand the references! I even own Brent Spiner’s Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. If that’s not a qualification, I don’t know what is.


PS. Happy Birthday Marina!

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