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This post is very pic heavy. But good news, you can read my tips on attending makeup trade shows while these pictures load!

• Look at the vendor list beforehand and make a list of the products you intend to buy.  Determine what products you want the most and hit those booths up first to be sure they don’t sell out! The lines might be long if the brand is popular, but go anyway to get the long lines out of the way. Because by the end of the day, you might get burnt out. And the lines are more tolerable when you’re not tired.

Also look at the floor layout beforehand so you have an idea of where the booths you want to go are. There will be plenty of time to wander around and catch up with the other booths! You’ll be more relaxed knowing you got what you wanted out of the way.

• If you’re a Pro, definitely try to take that Friday off and attend Pro Day! You’ll be able to grab everything you need while avoiding a massive crowd. It’s also more relaxed so you’ll be able to network.

As far as I know, if a friend you are attending with is a Pro and you are not, you can go with them on Pro day.

• Wear comfortable shoes. I honestly don’t know how anyone would walk and stand all day in heels. There’s a ton of standing and a ton of dodging crowds. You’ll need your balance when maneuvering through the big bags everyone is carrying.

• Bring makeup wipes and hand sanitizer. Many of the booths provide makeup wipes for you, but just in case bring a pack in your purse.

• Sunday, was shockingly even more crowded than Saturday! It was difficult to even see some of the booths because of the massive crowds. It was good to get my top booths out of the way the day before.

• Always check your bag to make sure you got the products you intended to buy. And always get a receipt! If one is emailed to you (like the Square service) check it immediately to see if it went through. You never know if a product doesn’t make it into the bag or if a product was broken. (Both happened to me.)

• If applying for a Pro membership at any brand, be sure to bring your credentials with you! Also bring your business cards in case you meet people you want to keep in contact with.

• Take photos. I haven’t met a brand that doesn’t allow photos. In fact they seem to encourage it! In the age of social media, it would hurt their brand if they didn’t allow photos.

If you make swatches, take a photo of them so you can refer to them later.

• Bring water and a snack. Because long lines. Long lines.

• Take breaks! It can be overwhelming in there! There’s plenty of places to sit and relax, eat and shop outside the Pasadena convention center.

Koren, whom I met at The Makeup Show in SF, has great tips for attending IMATS. Watch his video at on YouTube.

IMATS Tip Tips Tips by EnKoreMakeup

Koren also goes through the many brands that show at IMATS. These were filmed years ago and there are many more brands now, but these videos may still be helpful!

IMATS Endurance A-I by EnKoreMakeup

IMATS Endurance J-N by EnKoreMakeup

IMATS Endurance O-Z by EnKoreMakeup


IMATS LA 2015 | I Need This Unicorn
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This post is not sponsored. I paid for the ticket and purchased everything with my own money.

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