Sugarpill Trinket

Sugarpill Trinket | I Need This UnicornSugarpill Trinket | I Need This Unicorn

Trinket mades me think of Talon King Ikiss. Ra-ak! Trinkets, yes. Pretty trinkets! Ak! Power, great power. Ra-kaw! Power in trinkets! Ak-caw! But he doesn’t drop any trinkets, so it makes you wonder. Yeah, I’m talking about Warcraft on my makeup blog.

When I first saw this on Instagram, I was obsessed! (I needed this unicorn!) It appeared for be a gorgeous pink with a shot of gold. And I really liked that this liquid lipstick it was more than matte, it has sparkle! And sparkle is way more fun than just a flat matte!

Trinket made it’s debut at IMATS LA in January and they kept some to sell online for those of us who couldn’t go. Unfortunately it was super limited edition and sold out online in just 4 minutes! I honestly don’t know if this color will be re-released. I’ve read varying things. The best you can do is let Sugarpill know that you’d like to see it again.

The packaging features a super cute illustration by Bei Bad Girl.  The inside of the Sugarpill mailing boxes also have her fun illustrations. If Trinket does re-release in their liquid lipstick line, the packaging itself will be different. Never fear, she has products with her illos if you must own her art!

In the photos online, it looks more pink. On me, the lip color looks like a brown toned warm pink. It really depends on the skin tone of the person wearing it. It’s a beautiful color, I personally like how it looks better on others (with darker skin) than on myself which is pretty fair (I’m an NC15). In the early 2000’s my signature color was a pinky brown with a shot of gold, I would lived for Trinket back then!

Sugarpill Trinket | I Need This Unicorn

Top: Outdoors. Bottom: Indoors



One coat is all it takes because it’s a thicker formula. But because it was thicker and it tends to clump to the doe foot, getting a sharper line was tricky.

Trinket has a sweet candy scent, which I like. I don’t usually prefer scented makeup, but this is very pleasant, and not overwhelming. The scent pretty much goes away once it dries so you aren’t really smelling it all day.

Taking the wand out of the tube, it feels thick. The way it feels on my lips isn’t the most comfortable, but I don’t like the way ANY liquid lipstick feels. Every single liquid lipstick on the market has dried out my lips, and made exfoliating a PROCESS the next day. It’s just the nature of the product, I don’t think it can ever be moisturizing cause it’s matte and you know it’s a liquid that dries down. It’s not the fault of the formula or the company. It’s just that liquid lipstick it is what it is. The only thing I can do is to not use it, or just deal with it. You might not have the issue of your lips peeling or flaking.

Once it dries and you rub your lips together, the gold sparkles come out more. Love the way it looks. Hate the way it feels. But of course it’s gritty, there’s glitter in it. I do end up fussing with my lips and end up applying a balm over it (which makes it smear btw). I haven’t gotten through a day leaving any liquid lipsticks of any brand alone.

I’m not trying to bash Sugarpill cause I’d never! I’d post that I don’t like the feeling of matte liquid lipsticks on any brand! Just because I don’t like the feel of liquid lipsticks doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend them. So if you love liquid lipsticks and don’t mind the matte, it might not even bother you. It’s like people with oily skin wouldn’t like beauty oils on their face. Dry skin doesn’t like dry, oily doesn’t like more oil. But it doesn’t mean it’s a bad product. I think it’s a great and unique liquid lipstick. And even if I hate the way it feels, I still wear them because I love how pigmented they look and that I don’t need to touch up often.

I tend to remove my lip color when I eat, especially if it’s like a burger or a burrito. I hate seeing lipstick transfer onto my food. So when it came to remove this liquid lipstick, I didn’t have much trouble removing it, like with other liquid lipsticks. Even with the glitter which tends to stick, it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t get it off. So I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t troublesome.

Would I buy another Sugarpill liquid lipstick? Yes. (What?) I don’t like liquid lipstick because they’re so drying, but I love them because they’re opaque and long lasting. I’ll buy them anyway! And Sugarpill always has great colors with super pigment, it’s pretty much guaranteed I’ll like more colors they release! And if other colors come with sparkle I’ll probably want them!

I do hope they re-release this color because I know it was very frustrating for those who weren’t able to buy it. Sugarpill is very good at making their customers happy, so I’m counting on them to produce more to make everyone happy!


Sugarpill Trinket | I Need This Unicorn

There appears to be a fiber strand on the applicator. It came that way.


Sugarpill Trinket | I Need This Unicorn


This post is not sponsored. This product was purchased by me, with my own money.

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